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Sandeep Dikshit promises better sanitation in E Delhi – Delhi – Cities – The Times of India

What is stopping him? He is the sitting MP.

The pavement outside our housing society is piled high with sewage; and, no, I am not letting on where this picture was taken! I swear this is in East Delhi and I do not live in a unauthorized JJ colony. Perhaps I would be better off if I did.

Three days back, MCD guys showed up, opened the covered sewage nullah and dug up all the solid filth and dumped all on the pavement. That’s where the filth lies, being baked in the sun and ensuring we risk our lives walking on the busy road.

Since the garbage truck is yet to turn up to remove the filth, I can only assume one of the following:

– We are about to be blessed by Sandeep Dikshit, in person. Accompanied by a posse of sweepers and party workers. Showing us, that here’s a leader who promises, AND delivers.

– This is going to have to wait; till the elections are over lest Sandeep violates the model code of conduct in some way. Scary, because, after that he won’t care either way, will he?

– They have faith in unseasonal rains washing away the filth: possible, since the nullahs have been  helpfully left uncovered.


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