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general riff about politics, education, media, society, cricket..

About this blog

This is a jaundiced, highly opinionated and even prejudiced view of Indian politics, society, religion, education and media. You have been warned!

I post infrequently; when my fancy strikes me.

Comments policy:
This is my space and I reserve the right to moderate, edit or otherwise control what gets posted as comments. Sticking to the topic of the post and not being abusive will help.

Do not necessarily agree with me. “Two men can walk together, except they be agreed”. I am happy for us to disagree, but no pointless rants please.

Who am I?

I am fairly active on the blogosphere and on Twitter. I have left a trail which is broad enough for those with the inclination to follow! I also blog on marketing at


7 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. abhishek on said:

    well sir.. i didnt get to know who you are.. i am a student of IT BHU.. final year.. leaving ccollege in 5 days.your blog alomst made me cry,thinking of life that i have been a part of here.It wasnt easy to leave the campus and now it would be tougher…great piece by the way..thanks

    • Dear Abhishek,
      you are leaving possibly the nicest period of your life (so far) behind you. But, as you look back with fondness, newer experiences will come and shape you.
      Finally, it is not about just the campus- it is about the people- especially the folks you met and knew for 4 years.

  2. Hello East Delhi citizen
    how about blogging alittle bit about your EAST Delhi neighborhood, and what is particular to gripe about it, contrary to say South Delhi for example. I am blogging from Mayur Vihar 1 Extension, though it is more informational, to draw neighbors in, but also there is some griping. I am the only Western face who lives here, so certain things stick out to me more than for locals, I guess. Anyway. Keep writing. Make it interesting 🙂
    Best wishes from the MVext Auntie 🙂

  3. Hey, where is your introduction…how do I know about you?

  4. Amazing… khoop bhalo…

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