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My personal favourite posts

I write infrequently on this blog; only when it suits me and mostly on stuff that concerns no one else :).

Over the last three years, that I have been at it, these are the ones that I liked posting the most.

1. Beete huey din.. wapas nahi aate

2. A visit to the police station 

3. Dr. K came to dinner 

4. Why our bomb was a strategic blunder 

5. Our journey from being a sought after tenant to a landlord 

6. Marketing to the electorate in India 

7. Expense reports and other perks..

8. “Set theory” in politics and society 

9. Why I miss Vajpayee and Narasimha Rao 

10. The silent migration of a largely ignored people 

11. Taska Lin: abiding memory of Penang 

12. Bachche Hain!


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