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Whose side are you on?

Out on a morning walk today and I saw something which disturbed me.

A lady was coming back from the temple (today is Ram Navami) and she was carrying back a plate of “prasad”; the usual “poori-chhole” and “halwa”. Food, that would not be sufficient for probably even one person. Her small 3 year old daughter was tagging along.

She was being harrassed by small street urchins; there were at least 20 of them all fighting to get their hands on the measly ration. She was being pushed, pulled by her clothes and when everything else failed, the mob interposed itself between the lady and her daughter. She would have got trampled. Couple of us by-standers tried to intervene but by the time the mob had succeeded in snatching the “prasad” from her.

There is hunger on our streets. I guess it is not really a revelation. Face to face with it, it just left me saddened. We are the fortunate ones, blessed are our children.

I share the lady’s disgust at the sense of violation that she must have felt. But, somehow, I can’t bring myself to condemn those children who set about her either. Damn!


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