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Manmohan Singh: time to become the President?

Honestly, I don’t care if MMS became the President or not. Just get him somewhere where he can’t do anymore damage.

And, he should take with him all those who went with him to the Egyptian beach resort to have fun and frolic and should instead have been sitting in diplomacy 101 class instead.

Go Manmohan, go! This country can take only so much. Political naivete and gullibility (not the same as guileless-ness; S Prasannaranjan of India Today, you are too charitable, in your otherwise brilliant essay, Shame-el-Sheikh) can only be rewarded by the Gandhi dynasty, why are we paying the price?

And, for the sheer inventiveness, nay toadying displayed by Shekhar Gupta in Indian Express today (The big Rewrite ), well, what are Padma Awards for, if not for rewarding these?

I am waiting for the time Manmohan meets Hu Jintao next. Will not surprise me at all to see a joint-statement like “India and China want to negotiate the future of Arunachal Pradesh which is occupied by India for a long time”.

Go, Manmohan, GO. You have done your bit for posterity. Now, let us, all Indians, clean up the mess.


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