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Could Lieberhan finally liberate BJP?

But, the Congress is in no mood to oblige, for now.

After countless extensions and 17 full years after the event, M S Lieberhan, retired Judge of Punjab and Haryana HC, finally has submitted his findings on the Ayodhya episode of 1992 where frenzied Kar Sevaks, allegedly demolished a centuries old structure called  the Babri Masjid, which was, by some accounts built by demolishing an old Hindu temple purportedly standing at the very birthplace of Lord Rama.
Notice how careful I am with words. Hedging my bets; steering out of trouble and certainly not taking sides in a case reeking of the word “sub-judice”. This is because, I do not wish to be meander into a line of debate/ reasoning which is not the main point of this blog at all.

The point is that I sense an opportunity in this, for BJP.  Could it be, that, Liebarhan will do for the party, what even the voters could not do? Get the BJP rid of the albatrosses around its neck, namely Advani and Joshi? Not to mention, a pre-occupation with 10th centrury issues like Ram Mandir and Ram Setu?

And, is this why, the Congress Government is weighing its options carefully? Perhaps, making the report public and taking action on its basis might actually work in BJP’s favour.

Advani and Joshi are like Gavaskar and Boycott; useful for playing  marathon innings. Not when, you have to chase down a huge score in a tearing hurry.

Gavaskar and Boycott retired and took to commentating. Advani and Joshi show no signs of wanting to retire. Perhaps Lieberhan report will help them make up their minds. Perversely, the Congress government, will probably want them to continue “batting” without ever getting out. For in their presence at the crease lies the best chance for the Congress.


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2 thoughts on “Could Lieberhan finally liberate BJP?

  1. hi
    i am not sure – the BJP is in an awful muddle. its best brains are in the Rajya Sabha – it doesn’t seem to have any popular mass leaders, and there is no gen next.

    therefore, giving up their most famous mantra might be difficult – but i can’t see how they will be electable unless they do !

    • anindyac on said:

      Well, some sacrifices are needed. Short term pain vs long term gain and all that..

      Not much; Advani, Joshi, Rajnath should move out; a certain mother-son duo should be told that their futures will be brighter outside the party.
      I am not sure of the best brains in the Rajya Sabha bit.. at least one of those should be asked to contest a Lok Sabha seat and prove that he has a following outside the TV studios.
      I keep voting BJP in the hope that these guys will turn out the like the Republicans in the US; right wing policies and on the whole less government in our lives. I live in hope.

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