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The lessons: if only BJP will learn the right ones!

Why Advani and Rajnath should “spend more time with grandchildren”

Confession time! I voted BJP. And, I may not like it, but the electorate in its collective wisdom has voted. And, obviously BJP has failed to extend its appeal among those states where it is not in power.
The time to rebuild the party was in 2004; where Advani should have followed Vajpayee into political sanyas. It did not happen. Now, BJP is paying for it.
The next best time? Now. Get rid of Rajnath and get rid of Advani and for heaven’s sake, do not get back Joshi or Shekhawat.
Sadly, the lessons have not been learnt. Advani, for form’s sake has offered to resign but the party refused to accept it; demonstrating total clueless-ness and showing every signs of a party that has no sense on how to move forward.
If there is one lesson from these elections, it is that the electorate will reward good governance. And, roti, kapda, makaan remain the basic concerns. Frankly Hindutva is not a concern. My 80 year old grandmother, told me more than 10 years back (in half wonderment and half dismissiveness): “why does Ram need protection?”.
The lessons from Bihar, Orissa, Gujarat, Delhi, Chhattisgarh and  Madhya Pradesh are the same. Perform, provide the basics and show us improvement.. we will vote for you.
The real sad part of this election for BJP was its refusal to project younger leadership, take credit for providing good governance in all the states they were ruling and use that as a proof point for bringing about faster pace of reforms.
The real measure of the greatness of Vajpayee should be apparent now. For those with short memory, including those in BJP; here’s what Vajpayee achieved.
1. Fiscal responsibilty act: made it mandatory for the fiscal deficit to be mainatined below a certain level. This is law; Congress flouted it with impunity, BJP did nothing to point it out. Because Advani simply does not get it.
2. Limited the size of the union cabinet to 10% of the Lok Sabha size. Huge, huge deal. Remember cabinets with 114 members?
3. The Golden quadrilateral: the massive countrywide roadways project. The Congress stopped it. BJP sayed not a word.

Congress twiddled its thumbs for the last 5 years. It built zero infrastructure (e.g. no addition to power generation capacity in the last 5 years.. stopped the golden quadrilateral projects..) and freely spent money.
It frittered away all the savings in grand consumption schemes and ensured it had no savings to invest. This with the smart surds duopoly at the top. The tragedy again, was that BJP never raised a voice against this, did not offer a policy perspective or create communications to counter this.
Instead, the energies are frittered away on Ram Mandir, Afzal Gurtu, Ram Setu, beating up pub-going women, Varun Gandhi..
When you have nothing substantive to offer, offer Swabhimaan. It’s free! It worked in 1999; ten years later, it did not. I can assure you, unless Advani, Rajnath etc are all pensioned off right now and new younger and visionary leadership established, the BJP will get an even worse drubbing. Because, it will be up against a “Chikna” Rahul Baba.


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2 thoughts on “The lessons: if only BJP will learn the right ones!

  1. Hi
    i would tend to agree with you.

    i wish that the NDA had more people like Nitish Kumar, and less like Advani, and Rajnath.
    i am not really sure that in today’s economic situation fiscal prudence is possible. it will be ideal, but i am not sure if any Government can practise it. It’s a bit difficult to tell people about borrowing from future generations – when they don’t have jobs or even one square meal a day. i see the US and EU policies and the mind boggles at the thought of debt that has been created, and the interest that has to be paid.
    I am hoping that MMS sans the left can bring us back to the straight and narrow, but the Congress has a development agenda – and that costs money !

    Rahul baba has delivered UP. And, i think that he needs to spend time getting rid of the dead wood in his party, creating the next rung of electable leaders.
    The BJP sadly seems bereft of leadership Their ‘youngsters’ are in their mid-50’s ! they need to take a long, hard look at themselves and put in place mechanisms that makes them electable !

    • anindyac on said:

      A friend of mine just commented that it is perhaps just as well that Congress and MMS are back to clean up the Augean stables of fiscal mess they themselves have created.. enough said!
      Harini, the fiscal profligacy of Congress did not fund any infrastructure project; it went to fund “Consumption” through doles. This left very little Savings for Investment…
      If you are interested, follow Indicus Analytics on the web. They argue, very convincingly that no major infrastructure renewal happened during the last 5years.
      I hope you are right on a/c of Rahul and BJP in the context of leadership renewal. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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