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Takes getting used to: you’re just a fan!

Mr. Bachchan laments that his congratulatory SMS to MS Dhoni did not elicit a response. What cheek! How could you, MSD?
Did you sign the message, Mr. Bachchan? Was it clear to MSD that it came from the one and only, star of the millenium, Amar Singh’s brother, Aishwarya’s father in law?
Maybe MSD carries a cheap cellphone that accommodates only 500 addresses in its memory? And, Mr. Bachchan came into MSD’s life relatively recently? Like “would have been the 501st”, but what to do?  Now, if his cellphone did not tell him that it was you, how would he even know? You think he opens all SMSs like we mere mortals do? 

That brings me to MS Gill. The outgoing Sports Minister who is upset that Dhoni and Harbhajan (another serial offender of various offences), thought so little of the Padma Awards that they did not turn up to collect them in person. All the folks who were looking forward to getting autographs and photographs, were disappointed. Rumour is, MSG gallantly offered to fill up for MSD (signing autographs), but there were no takers.

Mr. B: sometimes in life, you are the pigeon and sometimes the statue. All your life you have been the pigeon. Getting fan-mail by the thousands. Responding to tens. The roles are reversed here; you are just a fan!
Mr. Gill: Listening to you, one would think, the cricketers were criminals and needed to be forcibly brought in to the awards ceremony. Doesn’t the Sports Minister of this country have anything better to do? How exactly will these awards improve the condition of sports and sportsmen in the country? And, why must an awardee have to accept the awards in person?
A periodic meeting with the electorate has wonderful curative property for delusions of grandeur. You are, alas, denied the chance to cleanse your sins.


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